What is “Hey Sis, we’ve got your back” about?

The rate of sexual assault in Aboriginal communities is too high.


Research says it's about three times higher than in non-Aboriginal communities in Australia.


There are some Aboriginal women who are working hard to raise awareness about the issues around sexual assault, and who support other women who have experienced or been impacted by sexual assault.


But sometimes, when Aboriginal women tell someone they have experienced sexual assault, or speak out against sexual violence, the community are not sure what to do, and may not respond in a supportive way.


We want to let anyone who stands up against sexual assault know that “Sis, we’ve got your back!”

We’re establishing a network of Aboriginal women from all around New South Wales who are working to prevent sexual violence.


The network will bring together Aboriginal women who are already talking about the impacts of sexual assault, who are educating and supporting people who have been impacted by sexual violence, and who are working to prevent sexual assault, so that they are supported, and able to stand even stronger against sexual violence.





If you would like to be a member of the network please download and send a registration form to Dixie Link Gordon or Ashlee Donohue


Registration Form