What is Hey Sis about?

Hey Sis,We’ve Got Your Back is a network of Aboriginal women from all parts of New South Wales, who are committed to working to prevent sexual assault in their communities.

The network provides a framework on which action to prevent sexual violence can be planned,resourced, implemented and evaluated. It provides a space for Aboriginal women to:

  • Discuss the incidence and impacts of sexual violence on their communities,
  • Share stories and knowledge of what works and what doesn’t to address and prevent sexual violence,
  • Work together to prevent sexual violence and reduce the incidence in Aboriginal communities,
  • Support and resource each other,
  • Participate in culturally appropriate training to improve community capacity to respond to sexual violence, and to prevent it from happening, and to
  • Work together to source funding for long term evidence based prevention programs.

Since it was established, the 'Hey Sis' network has met 11 times in various locations throughout New South Wales. The outcomes of these meetings are recorded by region:

  •         Metropolitan Sydney
  •         Northern NSW
  •         Southern NSW
  •         Western NSW

When further funding is achieved, regular meetings of Aboriginal women committed to working against sexual assault throughout the state will be continued.

To be notified when a 'Hey Sis' event is being planned in your region, or to join the network, Aboriginal women are invited to register online, or to submit a copy of the Registration Form to: