Training and Professional Development

There are a number of institutions and organisations that provide training and professional development opportunities that may be relevant for Hey Sis network members. These include:


    Most TAFE NSW campuses have an Aboriginal Coordinator and many also have Aboriginal Support Officers. These specialist staff can provide:

    • advice on courses that might be right for you
    • help with enrolment
    • advice on applying for ABSTUDY financial assistance
    • information about literacy and numeracy programs.

  • Tranby

    Tranby has played an important role in the struggle for the achievement of social justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. The Tranby learning environment is a community atmosphere, respectful of Indigenous culture and ways of learning.

  • University of NSW

    Nura Gili provides pathways to learning opportunities that embrace Indigenous knowledge, culture and histories. Nura Gili strives for excellence in educational services and  works towards assuring participation and access to all the programs it offers.

  • Open Colleges

    - Diploma of Counselling
    Counselling skills can be useful in many types of positions where it’s necessary to deal with others in a professional, caring way.

    - Certificate IV in Mediation
    For those with strong conflict resolution and interpersonal skills, a career in Mediation can be fulfilling, allowing you to use your learned techniques to improve the dialogue between disputants, with an aim towards helping the parties reach agreement.

  • Education Centre Against Violence

    ECAV promotes an understanding of cultural and community diversity through its courses, resources and advisory groups.


  • Centre for Community Welfare Training (CCWT)     

    CCWT  delivers expert training and ongoing training opportunities.