Support women who are already taking a stand against violence

“Hey Sis”, the Aboriginal Women’s Sexual Assault Network is the first step in creating the change needed to stop sexual assault from happening in Aboriginal communities.

“Hey Sis” seeks to support, network and resource these Aboriginal women who are doing what they can to assist those who have experienced sexual assault in their communities. “Hey Sis” empowers women to become agents of social change, a model that works the world over.

The network is run by passionate, committed Aboriginal women for Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia. Funding is sought to cover the costs of:

  • Network coordination (wages and equipment for coordination staff);

  • Network meetings (venue/catering/AV requirements);

  • Network activities (e.g. regular segment on Koori radio);

  • Training programs to ensure network members are well equipped to support others who have been impacted by sexual violence in their communities;

  • Research to validate and improve our work in this area based on the UN model of creatingchange in indigenous communities

If you would like to donate to support our work, please click here

Please contact Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia for more information or call us on 02 8585 0333.